Fishing in Lofsdalen and in its surroundings offers nature experiences summer and winter alike. The fishing area Lofsdalen-Glöte Conservation Area consists of approximately 50 000 hectares of mostly untouched nature with wonderful opportunities for varied fishing in the stunning scenery. The waters in and around Lofsdalen are rich in fish, especially trout and char. But it is also possible to catch pike, perch and burbot. The area tops as "the fishing league" in Härjedalen. The biggest trout ever to be caught in the conservation area weighed 9.6 kg (!). It was drawn up on the rod. 

Fishing is prohibited in all running water from the 1st of September to the 31st of October. The ban also applies 200 meters from the inlet and outlet of the lakes. There is a total ban on fishing on the 21st of September inclusive Friday week 50 of each year.

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