One of Europe's oldest national parks which opened already in 1909. The park is 10 400 hectares and is situated 1278 meters above sea level. It is one of Sweden's bear-densest areas. There are also lynxes and a strong moose population in the area, and wolves and wolverines also appear from time to time. Among the distinctive mountain species, there are both lemmings and reindeer. Common bird species are the golden plover, dotterel, willow grouse and ptarmigan. You might also spot rough-legged buzzards, ospreys and eagles in the area.

Follow the guide and discover the most beautiful places in our bear dense national park! The tour starts in Hedeviken by car for about 45 minutes, and then you hike along with the guide on the east side of Sonfjället.
This activity is offered from June to October.

Information and reservations: Tel 0684-10100 kongler