In Lofsdalen there are several scooter rentals where you can find the right equipment to go out on your own or on guided tours. Lofsdalen is known for excellent snowmobile trails. There are about 10 miles and 5 meters wide snowmobile trails which are prepared with a groomer as often as possible. To the north there are snowmobile trails towards Tännäs, Funäsdalen and Hede and from Lofssjön ice there are trails towards Strådalen-Slagavallen. To the south the trails go towards Sömlingshågna and Hågntjärn where the trails divide and you can choose either to go towards Sarna and Dalafjällen or east towards Lillhärdal and Sveg.

Lofsdalens Skoter & Transport (scooter rental) / Tel: 0680-410 10